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  • A picture of a rocket Are stoves Rocket Science? - I was recently at an event where somebody said to me that stoves weren’t rocket science and he knew he could build one himself because it was just a black box with some fire in it. Needless to say things got fairly heated (pardon the pun). Surprisingly as it happens, there are lots of crossovers […]
  • Boru Stoves Advert When is the best time to install a stove? - When asked this question most people will say late autumn or early winter. Why do they say that? It’s very easy, the evenings are closing in, the temperatures are dropping and we all set about going into hibernation in front of the fire with a glass of red and a creamy Irish stew. There is […]
  • Grandfather & Grandson enjoying the warmth of a Boru Stove Beware The Dangers of Cheap Imported Stoves - Do you really care where a product comes from when you make the decision to spend the money that you have worked so hard for? In the boom times I know I for one was guilty of not caring once the price was right. Thankfully I never got caught up in the property bubble and […]

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