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  • Replacing broken stove glass Changing The Glass On Your Stove - One of my favourite things about a stove is the fact that you can maintain the cosy ambiance that you get from an open fire. From time to time however, accidents can happen, and many of us will find that we need to replace cracked, or cloudy glass. Cloudy glass is often caused by burning […]
  • Changing the rope on your stove Changing The Rope On Your Stove - With the promise of an Indian Summer fading we have seen the volume of calls to Boru Stoves steadily begin to escalate over the last week. Everybody is getting ready for the long winter evenings that are just around the corner. Getting your stove winter ready is something that everyone should spend a little bit […]
  • A picture of a rocket Are stoves Rocket Science? - I was recently at an event where somebody said to me that stoves weren’t rocket science and he knew he could build one himself because it was just a black box with some fire in it. Needless to say things got fairly heated (pardon the pun). Surprisingly as it happens, there are lots of crossovers […]

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