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  • Warmest Winter Since Records Began - James Madden from Exacta Weather has been forecasting that Ireland and the UK are set to be gripped by sub-zero Siberian temperatures, bringing snow storms and ice on an unprecedented scale. Dermot Fitzgerald of Boru Stoves has offered a different forecast, Dermot is predicting that Boru customers are set to experience soaring temperatures as a […]
  • Cutting Winter Fuel Bills & Stove Efficiency - In these turbulent economic times household budgets can be stretched to breaking point. We are constantly hearing news reports in which the average man or woman on the street is having to choose between eating or heating. In this blog piece, Cutting Winter Fuel Bills & Stove Efficiency, we hope to be able to highlight […]
  • Cast Iron Stoves Versus Steel Stoves - The question is often asked; Which is better, Cast Iron Stoves or Steel Stoves? Many people believe that cast iron is superior to steel when it comes to stoves due to the fact that cast iron can retain heat better than steel. While this was true of stoves in the 1980s and 90s, a modern […]

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