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  • Grandfather and grandson enjoying the warmth of a Boru Stove, warning 'beware of cheap imports' Beware The Dangers of Cheap Imported Stoves - Do you really care where a product comes from when you make the decision to spend the money that you have worked so hard for? In the boom times I know I for one was guilty of not caring once the price was right. Thankfully I never got caught up in the property bubble and […]
  • Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit Exterior The Boru Stoves Roadshow - Recently on this blog we have highlighted our travels to the HPBExpo in Nashville, and also the Bois Energie in Nantes. At the Bois Energie we had our new 38 square meter mobile display unit, which was a huge success. Our mobile display units are available to all our clients for open days, sale launches […]
  • Bois Energie 2015 The Bois Energie 2015 - After a great week at the HPBA Expo, this week we will be exhibiting at Salon Bois Energie in Nantes, France. The Salon Bois Energie, translates to The Wood Energy Fair. As the name suggests, the Bois Energie is primarily focused on all things wood burning, from the forest to the flame, is their tag […]

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