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Fire Fronts for Open Fires – Doras

Fire Fronts for Open Fires - The Doras

The Doras Fire Door

Nowadays we can see a lot of people going back to the solid fuel due to the increases in the price of gas and oil.

As a result of this people are now looking to solid fuel stoves that can heat the room and also your water, without using oil or gas. This has lead to an influx of people buying stoves that can burn coal, wood and multiple fuel sources. However, there are still the few who like to keep their open fire, raise their fireplace efficiency and not get in a stove. The answer,  fire fronts for open fires.

The Doras – Fire fronts for open Fires

Boru Stoves launched the Doras Fire Door in 2009 so that people could still keep their open fireplace without needing to install a stove. With some fireplaces giving out an efficiency rating of 15%, the Doras manages to bring that efficiency up to a whopping 68%. That increases the efficiency of your fireplace by 53%.

Some of the features of the Doras Fire Door

We have a dedicated section on our website about fire fronts for open fires which is the Doras’ main information page but here is some of the key features:

  • It has an efficiency rating of 68%
  • Increases the output of your back boiler
  • You can control your open fire
  • Fits most 16″ – 18″ fireplaces
  • DIY Installation – You can fit this product all by yourself
  • 100% Made in Ireland in the Boru Stoves factory in Thurles

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions and answers to the Doras we get asked here in Boru

  1. Can I install this myself?

    • Yes you can. Like most fire fronts for open fires, this is a DIY job. Our manual comes complete with step by step instructions on how to install the Doras.
  2. Does it increase the output of heat to my room?

    • Like all fire fronts for open fires, the Doras is intended as a unit to cut down on fuel consumption, not to generate more heat. Where a back boiler is fitted, the Doras will heat the water much more efficiently.
  3. How is the Doras installed?

    • It is installed with a series of bolts and clamps. The installation instructions are in the manual and it takes less than an hour to install. All installations must be carried out in accordance with the fitting manual. Boru  Stoves cannot be held liable for faulty workmanship. All installations must be carried out in accordance with local building regulations.
  4. Do I need to take the damper off my existing back boiler and put on your damper when installing the Doras?

    • This varies from back boiler to back boiler. You must contact your boiler manufacturer for more information or Boru Stoves on 0504 59033 or email

Where can I find out more information about fire fronts for open fires and the Doras?

We have a dedicated section on our website for the Doras. You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter for more information about Boru Stoves.

Progetto Fuoco 2014

Boru Stoves attended the Progetto Fuoco show on the 19th Februray 2014 in Verona, Italy. A lot of preparation went into the show as Boru Stoves liaised with companies in Italy to make sure that the stand was like any Boru Stove, 100% Quality.

An image of six people from boru stoves in italy

The Boru Stoves Team

The whole team was on hand to meet and greet different companies as they came to view our Irish Stoves. Needless to say we made sure that our stand did stand out from the rest. We had pictures of the mountains of Ireland, grass carpet to symbolise the green grass of home. This proved to be a success and attracted numerous people to the stand.

The show went on for five days straight and for those five days the Boru Stoves stand was never empty. Along with Enterprise Ireland, Boru Stoves enlisted translators from five different languages to ensure maximum customer service for anyone who visited the stand. Not only that, we translated our entire brochure into multiple European languages.

The International tour for Boru Stoves didn’t end there. Less than a week after this event, the Boru Stoves team flew to America for another trade show. Even after the American trade show, the guys were off to Moscow to introduce Irish made stoves to the Russians.

From a company that started in a small shed in 2008, to flying out to meet and greet customers from all over Europe, it goes to show that anything is possible if you believe.

About Boru Stoves

The idea for Boru Stoves came in November 2008 when the realisation hit that almost all stoves in Ireland were either imported from the Far East or Europe. Dermot Fitzgerald has always been passionate about the heating industry and knew that there was something in the idea of an Irish manufactured stove that could compete with any brand worldwide. The idea that he had was a small one but little did he realise just how big it would become. Boru started with one stove The Fiachra freestanding and marketed it from Malin Head to Mizen Head.

All the company had was an idea, a welder and a van. People said that he was mad, Ireland was faced with the largest economic crisis since the foundation of the state. Dermot did not listen to the negatives. He believed in his idea and the product so went ahead with the plan.

factory floor

A welder making another Irish Stove

In 2009 the first stove went into production and what a reaction it got. So much so that by the end of 2009 Boru Stoves had 3 products on the market with 10 people employed and 2500 square feet of factory. The target at the time was 500 stoves per year.

Fast forward to 2014 and Boru Stoves now employ up to 85 people and occupy over 60000 square feet and manufacture over 15000 units per year. Boru Stoves now have almost 30 different variations of their stoves and export to The USA, The UK, Greece, and mainland Europe. The future is warm, the future is Boru.
The main reasons for the success of Boru Stoves are the fact that:

  • – We offer a quality product at the right price.
  • – Parts are readily available.
  • – We offer stove efficiencies of up to 83%
  • – We have a dedicated customer department.
  • – We offer extended warranties of up to 6 years.
  • – We have a range of stoves to suit all decors.
  • – All products are 100% manufactured in Ireland.
  • – Remember by buying a Boru Stove you are not only getting a stove to the highest standard but you are supporting local industry and jobs as well.

Remember if you want a tour of the factory to find out more about Boru Stoves just call and make an appointment.

Check out our Facebook page for future updates and competitions or email us at a full list of what we have on our site please see our Boru Stoves Sitemap.

Boru Stoves, Quality without Compromise!