The Boru Stoves Roadshow

Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit Exterior

Recently on this blog we have highlighted our travels to the HPBExpo in Nashville, and also the Bois Energie in Nantes. At the Bois Energie we had our new 38 square meter mobile display unit, which was a huge success. Our mobile display units are available to all our clients for open days, sale launches and promotional events throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. The Boru Stoves Roadshow is a great way to meet customers and generate sales.

The summer months can be a notoriously difficult time to sell stoves, this does not mean that people are not interested in buying a stove, or that sales have to stop. If we begin to understand the customers buying cycle, we can then see how important these summer months can be to actually making a sale. The average buying cycle for a customer is between 8 – 10 weeks, that means from the time that they become interested in a product, it could take 8 – 10 weeks before they actually make a purchase. Usually the more expensive a product, the longer the buying cycle.

Welcome to the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

If we think about the buying cycle in three stages, Awareness > Consideration > Purchase. First we need to create awareness of the products we have to offer, and then we need to highlight how these products can solve an existing problem that the customer might have, or how the product can enhance the customers current home heating situation. The summer months are a great time to begin this customer journey, and what better way to create awareness for customers than to get out there and meet them at a regional show or event.

Every year we witness a bounce in orders during December, and this is directly related to the National Ploughing Championships which are held many weeks before. We have been attending the National Ploughing Championships for the last 7 years, and year on year we see the ‘Plough Match Bounce’. This is what has led us to invest in our mobile display units. We understand that our success is dependant on our retailers success, and anything that we can do to encourage lead generation and sales is a win win situation for us and our retailers.

The Ellis Cook Stove in the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

We currently have two mobile display units available to our retailers, the largest of these is 38 square meters and has space for over 17 individual products, including fully functioning and lighting stoves, a fitted kitchen, and the Ellis Cook Stove, which is due for release in Ireland later this season. This mobile display unit is best suited to larger events over several days, our last event was the Ideal Homes Exhibition at the Galway Bay Hotel over the Easter weekend. This is the perfect type of event to generate interest in the products, especially for new builds and renovations which increase at this time of year.

For smaller events we also offer our compact mobile display unit which is 12.5 square meters and includes space for 10 products including 4 working stoves. This is ideal for one day events such as open days, or where space for the display unit is limited. The compact mobile display unit is very easy to manage and very mobile.

With all our mobile display units we offer sales support to our retailers, our dedicated sales staff are always on hand to help with events both big and small. If you have an interest in taking part in an event, please get in touch with your Boru Stoves representative, or call us directly to check availability.

Welcom to the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

The interior of the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

Interior of the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit