Boru Stoves New AshClear System

Boru Stoves 400F with AshClear System solving the ash problemBoru Stoves introduce our new AshClear System. The stove market is becoming increasingly competitive in Ireland. Every company is looking for the next leap forward in stove evolution; to give them an edge in the market. Several barriers to buying a solid fuel appliance became evident when talking with our retailers. One issue in particular was raised by consumers time and time again; this was the problem of ash.

Anybody who has experience of an open fire or a solid fuel appliance will understand the ash problem and accepts there will be a certain amount of daily cleaning required to keep on top of it. When Boru Stoves approached this problem, our team were surprised that there was almost nothing on offer to address the issue of ash. One of the few options available was the AshVac. The Boru Stoves team felt that this fell short of a complete solution.

Dermot Fitzgerald Managing Director at Boru StovesDermot Fitzgerald Managing Director at Boru Stoves: “Here at Boru Stoves, we are constantly looking to improve and innovate when it comes to our products. Rather than looking at what other stove makers are doing and copying them, we prefer to look at what they are not doing. We look at the problem areas for consumers that are not being addressed; this serves as a starting point for our product innovation program. When it came to the problem of ash, we were very surprised at how little was available in the current market. The AshVac has been available for years but it is only a piece of the puzzle, we wanted to develop a unique system that would eliminate the mess caused by ash completely.”

So, with the AshClear System, Boru Stoves have eliminated the need for an ash pan. The awful mess that goes along with removing and emptying it is therefore reduced. The new AshClear System is integral to the stove and is used in combination with an AshVac that is available in any good hardware, DIY, or Home Store. The AshClear System only needs to be vacuumed every three weeks, meaning even less mess and work for consumers.

Boru Stoves AshClear System

• No more ash clouds
• No more ash pan
• Works with most standard AshVacs
• 3 weeks ash capacity
• Low maintenance

The AshClear System is very easy to use. The ash collects in a container beneath the stove, then simply connect the AshVac and remove the ash. The system is very easy to use because of the uncomplicated design. As a result of this uncomplicated design, very little can go wrong with the AshClear System.

Boru Stoves AshClear System


Ash Vac with Boru 400F

The AshClear System is available on the Boru 400F, 500F and 600F, which are contemporary freestanding stoves. If you would like to know more about the Boru AshClear System, please contact us, or call us on +353-(0)504-59033.