Why Buy A Boru Stove?

Boru Stoves, made in Ireland
The stove market is pretty saturated at the moment. You can walk into most hardware shops and find some description of a stove available. For the buyer it can be difficult to know just what stove to buy.

First off, the buyer needs to make sure that they are getting a stove that will meet their requirements. The stove has to have the output required to heat the space. Then the buyer might be looking at, whether or not they need to heat water and run radiators from the stove. Once all these things have been decided, the buyer, then has a good idea of what kind of stove they need to get.

So why choose a Boru Stove? What makes a Boru Stove better than cheaper alternatives, which have the same specification?

welderWith a Boru Stove, you are buying high-end quality at a mid-range price. The value of a Boru Stove can’t just be measured in heat output, or efficiency ratings. It is the care that is taken when building the product, it is the after-sales service, the peace of mind that comes with knowing that parts for your stove are usually just a day or two away when something does go wrong.

Many cheaper stoves are imported from the far-east, where little or no guidelines are employed in the manufacturing process. This can lead to the use of inferior materials, or cheap unskilled labour to build the products. The major problems with products that are manufactured 8,000 kilometres away, usually comes, when you inevitably need to order a spare part.

One technique that can be helpful when evaluating a purchase, is to call the manufacturer or supplier and ask to order a spare part. If it is the middle of winter, and the handle on your stove develops a fault, you want to be sure that the part can be replaced as soon as possible, or risk waiting weeks without being able to heat your home. Boru Stoves make all our stove parts here in our factory in Thurles, that way, you can be sure, that you can get any part you might need for your stove, custom made, and shipped the very next day.

boruWorkersFinalAssemMany brands claim to be manufactured in the UK or Ireland, which we see as, not telling the whole story. Parts are shipped in and ‘assembled’ here, which allows them to say, the stove was manufactured in the UK or Ireland. The real headache starts, for the consumer, when something does go wrong, customers are then told that they might have to wait up to twelve weeks for a spare! This can be a particular problem for stove retailers, unhappy customers often direct their frustration at the retailers when something goes wrong with the stove, even though the retailer is at the mercy of the manufacturer, when waiting for parts.

We really don’t need to tell people what an excellent choice a Boru Stove is, because we can let our customers tell you for themselves;

“It is really very easy for me to recommend Boru Stoves for quality and particularly for ‘Back up’ service.

A very satisfied customer,

Collete Foley.”

Come and see your stove being built

Here at Boru Stoves we are very proud of our factory and we invite anyone to come and take a tour, you can also see a video of the Boru Stoves factory in action.

When the time comes that you need to replace your old stove, or if you are buying a stove for the first time. Don’t fall into the trap of buying the cheapest stove available, the hidden costs could be more than just financial. When you are buying a Boru Stove, you are buying peace of mind, peace of mind that you will be covered should anything go wrong. A Boru Stove represents a real bargain for the customer, we don’t believe that any other stove manufacturer in Ireland can offer the same quality and after sales service for the same price as Boru Stoves offer.

Don’t accept cheap imitations, or even expensive imitations! Buy the best, buy an original Boru Stove.