How Often Do I Need To Clean My Chimney?

Do I need to clean my chimney? Cork chimney sweepToday we had a visit from Declan O’Donoghue of Cork Chimney Sweep. Declan called in and met the Boru team and received a detailed walk-through of all our stoves. This ensures that Declan can offer the best possible service and advice to his customers. We asked him, ‘How Often Do I Need To Clean My Chimney?’ Declan is a Professional Certified And Registered chimney sweep working in Cork and he answered this and many other chimney sweeping related questions we had for him. Read our blog below to find out all about keeping your chimney clean.

How often should I get my chimney cleaned?

You should get your chimney cleaned at least once a year. If you are using a stove I would recommend cleaning the flue twice a year. Stoves usually have a smaller flue than traditional open fires. This means creosote can build up faster and needs to be cleaned more regularly.

What is Creosote?

Creosote is usually the cause of a chimney fire. It is a by-product left over when burning fossil fuels like wood, peat or coal. As the smoke rises in the chimney it begins to cool and deposits this carbon rich residue on the inside of the chimney. If the air flow to the fire is restricted, like when closing the vents on a stove, this can cause a greater build-up of creosote. As this then builds up on the chimney the problem is compounded. Not as much air is being drawn through the stove to fully burn the fuel.

So a dirty chimney can affect the performance of my stove?

Yes, without a doubt. As the creosote builds up, this reduces the draft in the chimney, meaning less oxygen getting to the firebox. Less oxygen means the fire will not burn as hot or as efficient and thereby causing greater creosote build-up.

I haven’t cleaned my chimney in years and I’ve never had a problem. Why should I worry now?

A chimney fire can happen at any time, regularly cleaning your chimney can help reduce and prevent a chimney fire. Creosote burns at a very high temperature. In many cases heat and sparks from the chimney cause the fire to spread to roofs and surrounding buildings. A chimney fire is difficult to extinguish, and the call out for the fire brigade to a chimney fire is €700. In many countries EU regulations are in place obliging homeowners to have a professional sweep the chimney annually.

Do I need to clean my chimney by law?

Most EU countries already have in place regulations that require home owners to have their chimneys cleaned by a professional at least once a year. These regulations will very soon be enacted in Ireland as the act of chimney sweeping is deemed a public safety service.

I always clean my chimney myself, why should I get the services of a professional?

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, around 40 people a year die in Ireland due to carbon monoxide poisoning. We provide a full inspection of your chimney and flue using CCTV. This helps us identify and then repair any problems we might find. This CCTV inspection should be performed by a professional at least once a year, and everyone should be using a carbon monoxide alarm. Stoves will often have tight angles in their flue setup and traditional sweeping kits are not a safe or effective means of cleaning. We use the latest equipment to make sure we don’t do any damage to the chimney flue or stove during our work.

Declan can be found at Or email

The Boru 400F With AshClear System

Boru 400F AshClear System solving the problem of ashThe Boru 400F AshClear, our first Boru stove to implement the exclusive new AshClear System. The Boru 400F also eliminates the need for an ash-pan, therefore there is less work and mess when it comes to dealing with the ash from your stove.

In addition to the impressive 7.1kW output, the Boru 400F also includes as standard, Airwash and C02 Burn Technology. The easy to use Airwash makes sure that you have clear glass to enjoy the ambience created by the natural flames, while the C02 Burn Technology will ensure a full and clean burn due to the introduction of extra oxygen into the firebox after the initial combustion. As well as the offer of an extended 5 year warranty, the Boru 400F has a lot to offer.

A hassle free, simple design that works with most standard ash vacuums, as a result, the AshClear System promises to make the problem of ash a thing of the past. Depending on the fuel being used, the AshClear System has the capacity to store up to 3 weeks of ash. Due to the variable amount of ash produced by different fuels, depending on the fuel used, there may be a need to vacuum the system more regularly.

The AshClear System collects the ash from your stove, and then using any standard ash vacuum, you simply connect the vacuum to the ash collector and vacuum out the ash. Due to the collection system being designed to work directly with almost any ash vacuum, as a result, there is no need for an ash pan. Consequently there are no ash clouds and mess when it is removed. It couldn’t be easier. With a great looking design and first class build quality; that you can expect from every Boru stove, the Boru 400F is probably Boru Stoves finest stove yet.

Boru Stoves AshClear System


Ash Vac with Boru 400F

Features of the Boru 400F AshClear

  • AshClean System to reduce the mess from ash (Patent pending)
  • *Airwash system for cleaner glass
  • **C02 burn technology for a cleaner burn
  • Multifuel grate for burning wood and solid fuel
  • Clean and easy external riddling system
  • Contemporary look
  • Radiant heat and natural hot air convection
  • 82.4% efficient
  • 7.1kW output
  • Made In Ireland

*Airwash is the preheating of air and the funnelling of that air down the front of the glass. This ensures a clear view of the fire.
**C02 Burn Technology is the secondary burn of gas which would normally be emitted into the atmosphere.

If you would like to know more about the Boru 400F AshClear, please contact us, or call us on +353-(0)504-59033.

Summer Shows With Boru Stoves

Summer is here and as everyone forgets all about heating and the cold dark winter, here at Boru we are getting ready to hit the road. We have a calendar of summer shows and events that we embark upon every year. We love to get out and meet our customers and give them a chance to avail of special offers and get all their heating needs sorted before their minds turn back to lighting up for the winter.

Summer shows, Boru Stoves mobile display unitThis weekend Boru Stoves will be exhibiting at the Cork Summer Show with our retail partner Brooks in the Curraheen Showgrounds, Co. Cork. The Cork Summer Show has been a highlight in Cork for over 200 years. The show will be running from Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th June 2016 and will include a mix of agriculture, food, music, home, garden, crafts, equipment, animal husbandry, entertainment, and retail stands. There is something for everybody so you will be guaranteed a great day out for the whole family.

Summer time might seem like an unusual time to be thinking about heating, but, it is the perfect time to upgrade an old heating system or to upgrade to a stove. Depending on the type of stove being fitted, and the chimney it is being fitted into; this can mean a period of time with no heating. This is why it is best to fit a stove during periods of warm weather when the heating will not be missed, especially if you are thinking about fitting a boiler stove.

Over the next few months Boru Stoves will be at several events with our retail partners, ready to offer you expert advice on our stoves, and how to get the most from your own stove. As well as some summer shows we will also be running special events in the stores of our retailers, so keep an eye out if you are thinking about upgrading your heating system.

Summer Shows Calendar





Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit ExteriorIf you are thinking about improving your heating system, upgrading to a stove or upgrading your existing stove, please come along to one of the events and our expert team will guide you through what we have to offer. If you would like to see Boru Stoves at a show or event that we don’t have listed, please contact us and let us know.

We will be adding more events and shows throughout the summer so keep your eyes peeled for an event near you, or follow us on social media to keep up to date with all our news.

Heat Hero – Improving Your Solid Fuel Boiler

Heat Hero

Boru Stoves has recently become aware of a great new product that has come onto the home heating market. The Heat Hero is a great new device that increases the efficiency of solid fuel central heating systems. The Heat Hero has been independently tested by CISD, (Centre for Industrial Services & Design) and is proven to increase heat circulation by 48% compared to other heating systems.

Heat Hero Wins SEAI Award

SEAI Award
The Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) has awarded Heat Hero a Best Innovative Product at The Energy Show, Product of the Show Awards.

Heat Hero was short listed along with ten other products as a finalist for the Best Innovative Product. It was then subjected to a rigorous assessment process over three weeks by a panel of six highly qualified and experienced professionals.

The system can also be retro-fitted inexpensively to turn a poorly running heating system into a very efficient heating system. It is ideal for new installations and for integrating a solid fuel boiler/stove with an oil boiler.

Key Benefits:

  • The gravity flow and return is completely safe and open.
  • Both manifolds can be fitted anywhere on the gravity flow and return.
  • There is a flow injector directing the water out from the stove and into the radiators.
  • There is a return injector directing the water out from the radiators and into the stove.
  • There is a cylinder injector directing the flow around the cylinder keeping the cylinder coil hot.
  • The return manifold separates the cold radiator water from the hot gravity water in the cylinder coil.
  • Balancing valves are fitted on the radiator flow and the cylinder injector flow, which controls both the radiator and cylinder circulation when the pump is on.
  • Only one circulation pump is needed, (5m, 6m, 7m, 8m) head pump can be used depending on the amount of radiators and the size of the stove in the house.
  • It can be fitted to existing pipework.
  • It will heat all of the radiators evenly.
  • It will increase the life span of the grate and baffle plate in the stove.
  • There are no moving parts, so no maintenance is ever required.
  • There is full technical telephone back up available.

Some of the problems solved by the Heat Hero are:

  • All of the radiators not heating.
  • Not enough hot water.
  • The system not allowing the oil and solid fuel boiler to run together.
  • Banging noises coming from the boiler stove.
  • Burning too much fuel and not getting enough heat to the radiators.
  • Water pitching into the expansion tank in the attic.


These are just some of the problems that can arise with a solid fuel central heating system. By fitting the Heat Hero you are eliminating any potential problems and fitting the most efficient system available.

To find out more about how the Heat Hero works; visit, or email:

Information in this blog is based upon details supplied by ‘Smart Innovation Products Ltd’ and Boru Stoves does not independently validate any performance claims.

Boru Stoves New AshClear System

Boru Stoves 400F with AshClear System solving the ash problemBoru Stoves introduce our new AshClear System. The stove market is becoming increasingly competitive in Ireland. Every company is looking for the next leap forward in stove evolution; to give them an edge in the market. Several barriers to buying a solid fuel appliance became evident when talking with our retailers. One issue in particular was raised by consumers time and time again; this was the problem of ash.

Anybody who has experience of an open fire or a solid fuel appliance will understand the ash problem and accepts there will be a certain amount of daily cleaning required to keep on top of it. When Boru Stoves approached this problem, our team were surprised that there was almost nothing on offer to address the issue of ash. One of the few options available was the AshVac. The Boru Stoves team felt that this fell short of a complete solution.

Dermot Fitzgerald Managing Director at Boru StovesDermot Fitzgerald Managing Director at Boru Stoves: “Here at Boru Stoves, we are constantly looking to improve and innovate when it comes to our products. Rather than looking at what other stove makers are doing and copying them, we prefer to look at what they are not doing. We look at the problem areas for consumers that are not being addressed; this serves as a starting point for our product innovation program. When it came to the problem of ash, we were very surprised at how little was available in the current market. The AshVac has been available for years but it is only a piece of the puzzle, we wanted to develop a unique system that would eliminate the mess caused by ash completely.”

So, with the AshClear System, Boru Stoves have eliminated the need for an ash pan. The awful mess that goes along with removing and emptying it is therefore reduced. The new AshClear System is integral to the stove and is used in combination with an AshVac that is available in any good hardware, DIY, or Home Store. The AshClear System only needs to be vacuumed every three weeks, meaning even less mess and work for consumers.

Boru Stoves AshClear System

• No more ash clouds
• No more ash pan
• Works with most standard AshVacs
• 3 weeks ash capacity
• Low maintenance

The AshClear System is very easy to use. The ash collects in a container beneath the stove, then simply connect the AshVac and remove the ash. The system is very easy to use because of the uncomplicated design. As a result of this uncomplicated design, very little can go wrong with the AshClear System.

Boru Stoves AshClear System


Ash Vac with Boru 400F

The AshClear System is available on the Boru 400F, 500F and 600F, which are contemporary freestanding stoves. If you would like to know more about the Boru AshClear System, please contact us, or call us on +353-(0)504-59033.

Progetto Fuoco 2016 With Boru Stoves

Progetto Fucco 2016This week Boru Stoves are at Progetto Fuoco 2016 in Verona Italy. Prugetto Fuoco is the only global event for the wood-fired heating industry, and is expected to attract around 75,000 people. The Progetto Fuoco event gives us the perfect platform to reach out to a global market and showcase quality Irish manufacturing. With 750 companies from all over the world in attendance, not only does this event create new business opportunities for us, but it also gives us the chance to check out, first hand, all the latest and greatest developments in the industry.

Boru Stoves Stand at Progetto Fuoco 2016Progetto Fuoco 2016 will see the launch of our new Bogatti range of stoves from Boru. The Bogatti range has been developed with a user centred design approach, this involves putting the user at the centre of the design process, ensuring that every little detail is crafted to meet the needs of the user. The result of this, is a range of stoves that are innovative, practical and beautiful, all this is bolstered by the great efficiencies and unwavering build quality that is typically expected from any Boru Stoves product. We will have a full range of products on display in Verona, including lighting stoves, the Ellis Cook Stove and our new Bogatti range of stoves.

The Boru Stoves Team outside our traditional Irish cottageWe are proud to be flying the flag for Ireland and have included an old Irish thatched cottage in our stand at Progetto Fuoco, also some Tayto’s might have found their way onto the stand this year. We believe that our Irish identity is important and we want the world to see that Ireland is a great choice for quality and competitive manufacturing.
If you would like to come and meet with some of the Boru Stoves team we will be located in Hall 6, Lane E, Booth 9.
The event runs until Sunday 28th Feb, and we would be delighted to meet with anyone who is at the show. You can contact us at, or just turn up at our stand, we can’t wait to see you.

We’re Hiring

That’s right, Boru Stoves is hiring! As Boru Stoves grows we have a need for hard working and motivated individuals to join our team.

Design Engineer

We are currently looking for a Design Engineer to work in Manufacturing Facility. We would like to hear from enthusiastic, well qualified and ambitious professionals who are seeking challenging career opportunities. The ideal candidate will possess excellent verbal & written communication, be meticulous in their work and show attention to detail, have engineering concepts, an ability to work as part of a team. The Successful candidate will receive full training in the role including programming training for laser and plasma. Responsibilities Include: Product Design, Development and improvement. Verification of final output and checking of drawings. Preparation of 2D Drawings for CNC.Steel Profiling drawings for both laser/plasma programming and complete folding drawings.Understanding the Companys Quality Management System and applying it to all project work. Ensuring that drawings are prepared in line with Company standards. Preparation of drawings for fabrication.

Skills Requirements: Ideally 3 years + experience.A third level qualification in a relevant discipline. Experience in manufacturing is desirable but not essential.A high level of attention to detail. Ability to adapt quickly to new engineering environment and its regulatory requirements. Understanding for customer needs.

Key Account Manager

The job of K.A.M. is being created to resource the planned Boru Stoves sales expansion drive in multiple outlets for the U.K. and Irish markets. This is a new role in the Company and will be a senior appointment, reporting directly to the managing director. Core to the success of the appointee will be the adoption of a structured methodology for dealing with accounts that are considered to be of strategic growth importance. These will be designated as Key Accounts and a reporting and activity schedule will be created to ensure growth for customer and Boru alike. The appointee will be responsible for handling all aspects of the buy sell sales cycle in large retailers and distributors and will generate strategies for expansion of all of the product range as well as spares and accessories. The appointee will work closely with the buyers and retailers in the Key Accounts on issues of business sustainability and new product and profitability opportunities.

Skills Requirements: At least 5 years experience in key account management. A commercial qualification such as an advanced diploma in sales management, supply chain management or a marketing degree would be highly desirable. Experience background in the hardware, plumbing or heavy retailing arena would be a distinct advantage. Knowledge of the stove wholesaling / retailing industry would be advantageous. Organising and manning trade shows, product training seminars etc. Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point.

If you feel that you are ready for a challenge and think you have what it takes to work with a dynamic team in a rapidly growing company then we would love to hear from you.

You can submit your résumé to:

HR Department
Boru Stoves
Templemore Road
Co. Tipperary



Boru Stoves Open Week

The New Boru Stoves ShowroomEverybody is as excited as they are busy this week at Boru Stoves. We are preparing for our open week that is set to run from Monday 25th January until Friday 29th January. During the week we shall be hosting partners and giving guided tours of our factory. We will be opening the doors of our new trade showroom that will give retailers an opportunity to see what is available to them for promoting Boru Stoves within their own stores, using our shop within a shop concept.

We are very excited to be launching several new products to our offering, the new Bogatti by Boru Stoves range. The Bogatti by Boru range intends to take the Boru range closer to the top end of the stove market whilst maintaining affordability for our customers. The new stoves range in output from 10kW to 20kW, we have new dry and boiler stoves and even a new edition to our double sided offerings. We will also be showcasing the Ellis Cookstove which is now available to the European market in both dry and boiler models. Some of the design work that has gone into the new Bogatti stoves has amazed many of us here in Thurles, and with more new innovative designs planned for later in the season, 2016 should be a landmark year for Boru Stoves.

During our open week we will be having tours of our factory, be sure to contact us first and make arrangements for a morning or afternoon tour. We have limited spaces available because it is a working factory. So don’t delay and contact us today to book your place. For those of you that have not experienced our mobile display units, open week is a perfect time to come and see how we can help you promote your business and drive sales hosting your own events with the Boru Stoves Roadshow.

On Friday 29th from 2pm The Green Business Network will be hosting a networking event where Dermot Fitzgerald (Managing Director) will be talking a little about Boru Stoves and how it has grown and developed over the last few years. Dermot will also be championing his campaign to bring industry and jobs back to Ireland. It is Dermot’s vision that the people of Ireland shouldn’t have to move to a city or even half way around the world to seek gainful employment and Boru Stoves is a perfect example how a small home-grown business can flourish in rural Ireland and compete for business in international markets. IrishTV will also be in attendance filming a short documentary about how small businesses are making a big difference to life in rural Ireland.

We would love to see you all in Thurles and our team can’t wait to meet you. If you would like to come along, please give us a call on 0504 59033 to book your tour. Excitement levels are high and we can’t wait to show off our new showroom and our new products, we also want to make sure that we connect with our customers, and the open week gives us the perfect opportunity to do that. We rely on our customers to make Boru Stoves what it is, and we want to offer every support we can, to make sure we have a successful and happy partnership.

Boru Stoves New Doras Fire Door 2016

Doras Fire Door, New Design for 2016

We are delighted to announce a redesign of our Doras Fire Door for 2016. The new Doras has been refined and improved.

  • Larger viewing glass to enjoy the full effect of an open fire.
  • Improved easy close/open chrome door handle.
  • Larger removable log retainer for added safety when refuelling.

The new look Doras Fire Door is now available at all Boru Stoves retailers.

The Doras – Fire fronts for open Fires

Boru Stoves launched the Doras Fire Door in 2009 so that people could still keep their open fireplace without needing to install a stove. With some fireplaces giving out an efficiency rating of 15%, the Doras manages to bring that efficiency up to a whopping 68%. That increases the efficiency of your fireplace by 53%.

Some of the features of the Doras Fire Door

We have a dedicated section on our website about fire fronts for open fires which is the Doras’ main information page but here is some of the key features:

  • It has an efficiency rating of 68%
  • Increases the output of your back boiler
  • You can control your open fire
  • Fits most 16″ – 18″ fireplaces
  • DIY Installation – You can fit this product all by yourself
  • 100% Made in Ireland in the Boru Stoves factory in Thurles

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions and answers to the Doras we get asked here in Boru

  1. Can I install this myself?

    • Yes you can. Like most fire fronts for open fires, this is a DIY job. Our manual comes complete with step by step instructions on how to install the Doras.
  2. Does it increase the output of heat to my room?

    • Like all fire fronts for open fires, the Doras is intended as a unit to cut down on fuel consumption, not to generate more heat. Where a back boiler is fitted, the Doras will heat the water much more efficiently.
  3. How is the Doras installed?

    • It is installed with a series of bolts and clamps. The installation instructions are in the manual and it takes less than an hour to install. All installations must be carried out in accordance with the fitting manual. Boru  Stoves cannot be held liable for faulty workmanship. All installations must be carried out in accordance with local building regulations.
  4. Do I need to take the damper off my existing back boiler and put on your damper when installing the Doras?

    • This varies from back boiler to back boiler. You must contact your boiler manufacturer for more information or Boru Stoves on 0504 59033 or email

Where can I find out more information about fire fronts for open fires and the Doras?

We have a dedicated section on our website for the Doras. You can also check out our Facebook and Twitter for more information about Boru Stoves.

Changing The Glass On Your Stove

One of my favourite things about a stove is the fact that you can maintain the cosy ambience that you get from an open fire. From time to time however, accidents can happen. Many of us will find that we need to replace cracked, or cloudy glass. Luckily changing the glass on your stove is relatively straight forward and simple. Cloudy glass is often caused by burning fuel with a high moisture content, or paper, cardboard or plastics that contain chemicals. Only ever burn trusted fuel in your stove. One of the main causes for cracked glass is overloading the fire box. A stray log can crack the glass as the door is closed, or as logs shift during a burn they can fall against the door. Being careful loading fuel and cleaning your glass regularly will help to ensure that your glass will last for years.

In this handy guide, ‘Changing The Glass On Your Stove’, we will walk you through the simple process of removing your old glass and then fitting the new glass. This is a very simple process and should take no longer than 30 minutes. You will need, a 6mm spanner. A pair of tough gloves for handling broken glass. 12mm x 3mm self-adhesive stove rope. High temperature silicone adhesive and the replacement stove glass. All these materials should be easily obtained from your local Boru Stoves Stockist. If you have any problems finding these parts you can contact Boru Stoves directly for assistance. Remember to always use genuine Boru Stoves parts to ensure you do not invalidate your warranty.

1. Remove The Door Of Your Stove

You should begin by removing the door of your stove. This will make removing the old glass and fitting the new glass much easier. Wearing tough gloves, open the door and ensure that any loose pieces of glass are removed before removing your door. The door of your Boru Stove can then be removed very easily by lifting it off the hinges [Fig 1] [Fig 2] [Fig 3]. Ensure you have a suitable surface to place the door on to work without damaging it.

Changing The Glass On Your Stove, Lift the door up and off the hinges

Fig 1

Changing The Glass On Your Stove, Lift up the door out of bottom bracket

Fig 2

Changing The Glass On Your Stove, Pull the bottom of the door out

Fig 3

2. Remove The Broken Glass

Using your 6mm spanner, you should remove the nuts holding the clips in place [Fig 4]. A lubricant such as WD-40 can help to loosen sticking nuts, then fully remove the clips. You should then be able to safely remove any remaining glass [Fig 5]. You should now remove the existing rope seal that may be left behind after removing the glass. Once removed, be sure clean the area where the old seal was placed to remove any dust or debris [Fig 6].

Remove the nuts holding the glass in place

Fig 4

Remove the old broken glass

Fig 5

Remove any dust or debris

Fig 6

3. Apply New Rope Seal

You are now ready to apply the new rope seal. Using a 12mm x 3mm self adhesive high temperature rope seal, begin in the bottom right hand corner [Fig 7]. Be sure to extend the seal beyond the edge of the opening by around 12mm [Fig 8], this will allow you to create a snug seal with the other end of the rope, ensuring you have an airtight stove. Work your way around the rest of the door taking time to follow and contours or curves that the door might have [Fig 9]. Finally, if needed, trim the rope so that the two ends meet and create a snug seal. You should place your glass on the seal and make sure that the seal is within the edge of the glass and that there are no points where the glass will not be sealed against the stove door. Once you have made sure of this, you can put the glass to one side.

Apply your new seal

Fig 7

Leave an overlap of the seal past the edge of the glass opening

Fig 8

Apply the rope seal around the edge of the glass area of the door

Fig 9

4. Fitting The New Glass

When the seal is in place we need to apply a small amount of high temperature silicone adhesive. Apply a small amount onto the entire length of rope seal that you have just fitted [Fig 10]. You can then sit the glass into place, be careful to align your glass correctly before making contact with the prepared seal. Apply a very small amount of pressure around the edges of the glass to ensure a tight seal with the adhesive [Fig 11]. You should now replace your clips, if any clips or nuts are damaged or missing, you should be able to obtain these from a Boru Stoves Stockist. Once the clips are in place, you should add a washer and then tighten the nut into place [Fig 12]. The nuts should be finger tightened only. Be very careful not to over tighten the nuts, if in doubt, err on the side of caution. The glass is fragile and concentrated pressure can easily crack the glass, the glass is heat resistant, not impact resistant. With the glass now fitted you can hang the door back onto your stove.

Apply a small amount of high temperature stove seal adhesive

Fig 10

Place the glass onto the seal

Fig 11

Tighten the nuts into place

Fig 12

Changing The Glass On Your Stove

The glass on a stove is a part that is commonly replaced, similar to the windscreen on a car. Many factors can effect the life of glass in a stove, and accidents do happen. If there is damage to the glass on your stove, or the seal has degraded to allow air in, this will effect the performance of your stove. To ensure your stove is operating safely and at optimum efficiency, you should check the glass and seals on your stove once every six months. If in doubt, replace the glass, it is relatively inexpensive and with just a small amount of DIY you should be able to ensure that your stove operates efficiently and safely for many years to come.

If you have any questions with regards to this procedure, or if you are having problems finding replacement parts, please contact us here at Boru Stoves and we will be happy to help.