Boru Stoves Warranty

Terms of the Boru Stoves Warranty

This extended warranty is only valid if:

  • The stove has been installed in accordance with the latest local building regulations.
  • The chimney that the stove is connected to is in accordance with the latest building regulations.
  • All installation instructions in the manual have been followed.
  • The stove is operated correctly as described in the manual.
  • The stove is only used to burn fuel as described in the manual.

Please be advised your extended warranty must be activated within three months of purchase. After this Righpur Ltd, t/a Boru Stoves, will cancel their offer of extended warranty.

This extended warranty does not cover:

  • Any damage resulting from the use of fuel not recommended in the manual.
  • Parts which are damaged by external causes such as unadopted chimneys, thunderstorms, damp, faulty plumbing, faulty fuel and mistreatment.
  • Specifications and design is subject to change without prior notice. This manual does not engage the responsibility of Boru Stoves.

Please note that Boru Stoves cannot cover installation of replacement parts or stoves. This must be done at the customers own expense.

A perceived fault in the stove may be a fault of the plumbing or the failure of some other part of the heating system outside of Boru Stoves control. Before making a claim under warranty, please ensure that the rest of your heating system is working correctly, as any expenses incurred by Boru Stoves or its agents or dealers in recovering or inspecting a perfectly functioning stove will be at the expense of the stove owner.

Boru Stoves extended warranty form.

Glass is not covered under warranty. Heat will not break glass. Your Boru stove is guaranteed excluding wearable parts. Wearable parts include grate, rope, thermostat, bricks, baffle log retainer, ash pan, riddler, co2 pipe inlet etc, for six years (boiler model) and five years (dry model) from the date of purchase, including your statutory rights.

By clicking send you are agreeing to Boru Stoves Warranty terms and conditions. Please ensure you validate this claim with a copy of your proof of purchase, i.e copy of your sales invoice which can be uploaded using the form below.

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