Heat Output Calculator

Heat Output Calculator

Our Heat Output Calculator is very easy to use. It takes the size of the room that you wish to heat and then applies a small bit of math to give you the correct Output in kW of the stove you will need to heat the space.

Don’t worry if your measurements are in feet or in meters, we will do all the conversions for you. Just select the appropriate unit of measurement from the drop down list.

The Heat Output Calculator is designed to give you a rough estimate of the Output in kW that is needed to heat the room. This can vary on the level of insulation in the room, the number of doors or openings to a room, number and size of windows, etc etc.

Heat Output Calculator

Simply key in your room measurements, and press "Calculate" to find the heat output required to adequately heat your room.

0kW of heat output required

Note: For optimal output, please use fuel that has a moisture content of 20% or below.

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