How Often Do I Need To Clean My Chimney?

Do I need to clean my chimney? Cork chimney sweepToday we had a visit from Declan O’Donoghue of Cork Chimney Sweep. Declan called in and met the Boru team and received a detailed walk-through of all our stoves. This ensures that Declan can offer the best possible service and advice to his customers. We asked him, ‘How Often Do I Need To Clean My Chimney?’ Declan is a Professional Certified And Registered chimney sweep working in Cork and he answered this and many other chimney sweeping related questions we had for him. Read our blog below to find out all about keeping your chimney clean.

How often should I get my chimney cleaned?

You should get your chimney cleaned at least once a year. If you are using a stove I would recommend cleaning the flue twice a year. Stoves usually have a smaller flue than traditional open fires. This means creosote can build up faster and needs to be cleaned more regularly.

What is Creosote?

Creosote is usually the cause of a chimney fire. It is a by-product left over when burning fossil fuels like wood, peat or coal. As the smoke rises in the chimney it begins to cool and deposits this carbon rich residue on the inside of the chimney. If the air flow to the fire is restricted, like when closing the vents on a stove, this can cause a greater build-up of creosote. As this then builds up on the chimney the problem is compounded. Not as much air is being drawn through the stove to fully burn the fuel.

So a dirty chimney can affect the performance of my stove?

Yes, without a doubt. As the creosote builds up, this reduces the draft in the chimney, meaning less oxygen getting to the firebox. Less oxygen means the fire will not burn as hot or as efficient and thereby causing greater creosote build-up.

I haven’t cleaned my chimney in years and I’ve never had a problem. Why should I worry now?

A chimney fire can happen at any time, regularly cleaning your chimney can help reduce and prevent a chimney fire. Creosote burns at a very high temperature. In many cases heat and sparks from the chimney cause the fire to spread to roofs and surrounding buildings. A chimney fire is difficult to extinguish, and the call out for the fire brigade to a chimney fire is €700. In many countries EU regulations are in place obliging homeowners to have a professional sweep the chimney annually.

Do I need to clean my chimney by law?

Most EU countries already have in place regulations that require home owners to have their chimneys cleaned by a professional at least once a year. These regulations will very soon be enacted in Ireland as the act of chimney sweeping is deemed a public safety service.

I always clean my chimney myself, why should I get the services of a professional?

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer, around 40 people a year die in Ireland due to carbon monoxide poisoning. We provide a full inspection of your chimney and flue using CCTV. This helps us identify and then repair any problems we might find. This CCTV inspection should be performed by a professional at least once a year, and everyone should be using a carbon monoxide alarm. Stoves will often have tight angles in their flue setup and traditional sweeping kits are not a safe or effective means of cleaning. We use the latest equipment to make sure we don’t do any damage to the chimney flue or stove during our work.

Declan can be found at Or email

The Boru 400F With AshClear System

Boru 400F AshClear System solving the problem of ashThe Boru 400F AshClear, our first Boru stove to implement the exclusive new AshClear System. The Boru 400F also eliminates the need for an ash-pan, therefore there is less work and mess when it comes to dealing with the ash from your stove.

In addition to the impressive 7.1kW output, the Boru 400F also includes as standard, Airwash and C02 Burn Technology. The easy to use Airwash makes sure that you have clear glass to enjoy the ambience created by the natural flames, while the C02 Burn Technology will ensure a full and clean burn due to the introduction of extra oxygen into the firebox after the initial combustion. As well as the offer of an extended 5 year warranty, the Boru 400F has a lot to offer.

A hassle free, simple design that works with most standard ash vacuums, as a result, the AshClear System promises to make the problem of ash a thing of the past. Depending on the fuel being used, the AshClear System has the capacity to store up to 3 weeks of ash. Due to the variable amount of ash produced by different fuels, depending on the fuel used, there may be a need to vacuum the system more regularly.

The AshClear System collects the ash from your stove, and then using any standard ash vacuum, you simply connect the vacuum to the ash collector and vacuum out the ash. Due to the collection system being designed to work directly with almost any ash vacuum, as a result, there is no need for an ash pan. Consequently there are no ash clouds and mess when it is removed. It couldn’t be easier. With a great looking design and first class build quality; that you can expect from every Boru stove, the Boru 400F is probably Boru Stoves finest stove yet.

Boru Stoves AshClear System


Ash Vac with Boru 400F

Features of the Boru 400F AshClear

  • AshClean System to reduce the mess from ash (Patent pending)
  • *Airwash system for cleaner glass
  • **C02 burn technology for a cleaner burn
  • Multifuel grate for burning wood and solid fuel
  • Clean and easy external riddling system
  • Contemporary look
  • Radiant heat and natural hot air convection
  • 82.4% efficient
  • 7.1kW output
  • Made In Ireland

*Airwash is the preheating of air and the funnelling of that air down the front of the glass. This ensures a clear view of the fire.
**C02 Burn Technology is the secondary burn of gas which would normally be emitted into the atmosphere.

If you would like to know more about the Boru 400F AshClear, please contact us, or call us on +353-(0)504-59033.

Summer Shows With Boru Stoves

Summer is here and as everyone forgets all about heating and the cold dark winter, here at Boru we are getting ready to hit the road. We have a calendar of summer shows and events that we embark upon every year. We love to get out and meet our customers and give them a chance to avail of special offers and get all their heating needs sorted before their minds turn back to lighting up for the winter.

Summer shows, Boru Stoves mobile display unitThis weekend Boru Stoves will be exhibiting at the Cork Summer Show with our retail partner Brooks in the Curraheen Showgrounds, Co. Cork. The Cork Summer Show has been a highlight in Cork for over 200 years. The show will be running from Saturday 18th to Sunday 19th June 2016 and will include a mix of agriculture, food, music, home, garden, crafts, equipment, animal husbandry, entertainment, and retail stands. There is something for everybody so you will be guaranteed a great day out for the whole family.

Summer time might seem like an unusual time to be thinking about heating, but, it is the perfect time to upgrade an old heating system or to upgrade to a stove. Depending on the type of stove being fitted, and the chimney it is being fitted into; this can mean a period of time with no heating. This is why it is best to fit a stove during periods of warm weather when the heating will not be missed, especially if you are thinking about fitting a boiler stove.

Over the next few months Boru Stoves will be at several events with our retail partners, ready to offer you expert advice on our stoves, and how to get the most from your own stove. As well as some summer shows we will also be running special events in the stores of our retailers, so keep an eye out if you are thinking about upgrading your heating system.

Summer Shows Calendar





Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit ExteriorIf you are thinking about improving your heating system, upgrading to a stove or upgrading your existing stove, please come along to one of the events and our expert team will guide you through what we have to offer. If you would like to see Boru Stoves at a show or event that we don’t have listed, please contact us and let us know.

We will be adding more events and shows throughout the summer so keep your eyes peeled for an event near you, or follow us on social media to keep up to date with all our news.

Boru Stoves New AshClear System

Boru Stoves 400F with AshClear System solving the ash problemBoru Stoves introduce our new AshClear System. The stove market is becoming increasingly competitive in Ireland. Every company is looking for the next leap forward in stove evolution; to give them an edge in the market. Several barriers to buying a solid fuel appliance became evident when talking with our retailers. One issue in particular was raised by consumers time and time again; this was the problem of ash.

Anybody who has experience of an open fire or a solid fuel appliance will understand the ash problem and accepts there will be a certain amount of daily cleaning required to keep on top of it. When Boru Stoves approached this problem, our team were surprised that there was almost nothing on offer to address the issue of ash. One of the few options available was the AshVac. The Boru Stoves team felt that this fell short of a complete solution.

Dermot Fitzgerald Managing Director at Boru StovesDermot Fitzgerald Managing Director at Boru Stoves: “Here at Boru Stoves, we are constantly looking to improve and innovate when it comes to our products. Rather than looking at what other stove makers are doing and copying them, we prefer to look at what they are not doing. We look at the problem areas for consumers that are not being addressed; this serves as a starting point for our product innovation program. When it came to the problem of ash, we were very surprised at how little was available in the current market. The AshVac has been available for years but it is only a piece of the puzzle, we wanted to develop a unique system that would eliminate the mess caused by ash completely.”

So, with the AshClear System, Boru Stoves have eliminated the need for an ash pan. The awful mess that goes along with removing and emptying it is therefore reduced. The new AshClear System is integral to the stove and is used in combination with an AshVac that is available in any good hardware, DIY, or Home Store. The AshClear System only needs to be vacuumed every three weeks, meaning even less mess and work for consumers.

Boru Stoves AshClear System

• No more ash clouds
• No more ash pan
• Works with most standard AshVacs
• 3 weeks ash capacity
• Low maintenance

The AshClear System is very easy to use. The ash collects in a container beneath the stove, then simply connect the AshVac and remove the ash. The system is very easy to use because of the uncomplicated design. As a result of this uncomplicated design, very little can go wrong with the AshClear System.

Boru Stoves AshClear System


Ash Vac with Boru 400F

The AshClear System is available on the Boru 400F, 500F and 600F, which are contemporary freestanding stoves. If you would like to know more about the Boru AshClear System, please contact us, or call us on +353-(0)504-59033.

Beware The Dangers of Cheap Imported Stoves

Grandfather & Grandson enjoying the warmth of a Boru Stove.Do you really care where a product comes from when you make the decision to spend the money that you have worked so hard for? In the boom times I know I for one was guilty of not caring once the price was right. Thankfully I never got caught up in the property bubble and was not worth 400 million Euros by owning five two bedroom apartments on an expensive part of the monopoly board. This being said I was guilty of lots of other things such as when my TV broke I never called a repair man. I went to my local electrical shop and bought another one. Subconsciously I thought getting a repairman was hassle and he would probably charge more for a part than the TV was worth.

What’s changed?

As a consumer I now want a product that will last. I work too hard every week to just throw money away replacing products around my house at the drop of a hat. I now want extended warranties, the availability of spare parts and most of all if something does goes wrong I want to be able to speak to somebody at the end of a phone that can discuss my problem and send out a serviceman if needs be.

Do I buy products from the Far East?

Of course we all buy products from the Far East. Take out your phone and have a look at the back of it. I have just done that and it says “Designed in California and assembled in China” This is one of the world’s largest brands. Now would you buy a fake version of that phone and if not why? Firstly if you break the screen can you replace it? Probably not. If my family die from Co poisoning because of a badly made stove can I replace them? Definitely not!

Fake vs Real

There are lots of high end branded stoves manufactured in the Far East that have implemented European standards in their factories which ensure workers have safe working conditions. I have no problem with these kinds of factories as they are probably the backbone of small villages and do genuinely supply good product.
On the other hand when you see the fake or copied products they are more than likely being made in a sweat shop with no standards or safety practises. These factories generally jump on the band wagon when a product becomes “popular” so unscrupulous distributor’s ship in the best-selling products/brands in their country and get them copied.
I have had the benefit of looking and dissecting these “fake stoves” that claim to be the same as the real thing. I have yet to come across a saleable copy “fake” imported stove and this is why:

  • The raw material used (steel, cast-iron) used is lighter and less robust
  • Stoves are not independently certified so the outputs on the brochures cannot be verified
  • There are usually no safety tests carried out on the stoves
  • When dealers import a container they generally will not include spares in it because spares cost money and that comes off the bottom line
  • Ash-pans, frames and other auxiliary items are not welded but just folded tightly which leads to warping and over-firing

Any reputable brand manufacturing in the Far East will verify our findings as they would have spent years developing product. Reputable companies don’t copy! Remember you get what you pay for.

Why Ireland? Why Boru Stoves?

Irish Flag - Made In Ireland

  • Spare parts can be generally delivered next day (no waiting on slow boats from China)
  • The product is certified to EN13240 and EN13229
  • The stoves are safety tested using an independent test house with ratings verified
  • Dedicated customer service department
  • Dedicated mobile service engineer


When everything is taken into account fitting a stove is probably one of the biggest decisions you will make in your house but not the most expensive. Here are some questions you should ask yourself when choosing the correct stove for you:

  • If I change the décor of my room will the stove still match? (A black stove will generally suit)
  • In five years’ time where will I purchase replacement parts for my stove? Will they be still available?
  • Do I want a stove that I will have to replace in two years’ time?
  • How will the warranty procedure work (Boru Stoves offer a five or six year optional extended warranty)
  • Do I want the output of the stove to be what it says on the box? Do I want the results verified?

By all means purchase product from the Far East but ensure that you are buying from a reputable dealer and manufacturer that you know will provide a backup service. Personally I buy Irish whenever I can.
If you are in a showroom and the sales person says to you “I don’t have that brand but I have this one which is exactly the same” Run!!

The Boru Stoves Roadshow

Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit Exterior

Recently on this blog we have highlighted our travels to the HPBExpo in Nashville, and also the Bois Energie in Nantes. At the Bois Energie we had our new 38 square meter mobile display unit, which was a huge success. Our mobile display units are available to all our clients for open days, sale launches and promotional events throughout Ireland, UK and Europe. The Boru Stoves Roadshow is a great way to meet customers and generate sales.

The summer months can be a notoriously difficult time to sell stoves, this does not mean that people are not interested in buying a stove, or that sales have to stop. If we begin to understand the customers buying cycle, we can then see how important these summer months can be to actually making a sale. The average buying cycle for a customer is between 8 – 10 weeks, that means from the time that they become interested in a product, it could take 8 – 10 weeks before they actually make a purchase. Usually the more expensive a product, the longer the buying cycle.

Welcome to the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

If we think about the buying cycle in three stages, Awareness > Consideration > Purchase. First we need to create awareness of the products we have to offer, and then we need to highlight how these products can solve an existing problem that the customer might have, or how the product can enhance the customers current home heating situation. The summer months are a great time to begin this customer journey, and what better way to create awareness for customers than to get out there and meet them at a regional show or event.

Every year we witness a bounce in orders during December, and this is directly related to the National Ploughing Championships which are held many weeks before. We have been attending the National Ploughing Championships for the last 7 years, and year on year we see the ‘Plough Match Bounce’. This is what has led us to invest in our mobile display units. We understand that our success is dependant on our retailers success, and anything that we can do to encourage lead generation and sales is a win win situation for us and our retailers.

The Ellis Cook Stove in the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

We currently have two mobile display units available to our retailers, the largest of these is 38 square meters and has space for over 17 individual products, including fully functioning and lighting stoves, a fitted kitchen, and the Ellis Cook Stove, which is due for release in Ireland later this season. This mobile display unit is best suited to larger events over several days, our last event was the Ideal Homes Exhibition at the Galway Bay Hotel over the Easter weekend. This is the perfect type of event to generate interest in the products, especially for new builds and renovations which increase at this time of year.

For smaller events we also offer our compact mobile display unit which is 12.5 square meters and includes space for 10 products including 4 working stoves. This is ideal for one day events such as open days, or where space for the display unit is limited. The compact mobile display unit is very easy to manage and very mobile.

With all our mobile display units we offer sales support to our retailers, our dedicated sales staff are always on hand to help with events both big and small. If you have an interest in taking part in an event, please get in touch with your Boru Stoves representative, or call us directly to check availability.

Welcom to the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

The interior of the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

Interior of the Boru Stoves Mobile Display Unit

The Bois Energie 2015

Bois Energie 2015
After a great week at the HPBA Expo, this week we will be exhibiting at Salon Bois Energie in Nantes, France. The Salon Bois Energie, translates to The Wood Energy Fair. As the name suggests, the Bois Energie is primarily focused on all things wood burning, from the forest to the flame, is their tag line. This event runs in parallel with two other events at the exhibition centre in Nantes, the Hypac Expo which is an event for the whole hydrogen and fuel cell industry, and Biogaz Europe which is focused on the Bio Gas industry. It is a great chance to see how developments within the energy & heating sector will be shaping the future of home heating, and this in turn helps us to create products that meet consumer’s demands and expectations.

The Ellis Cook StoveThe stove market in France is very well developed and The Bois Energie Expo is one of the biggest events of its kind in Europe, with over 350 exhibitors and 13,000 visitors expected. The event is a great chance to learn from some of the most established and innovative names in the business. From the 19th – 20th March there is a series of industry conferences that we will attend as well as International Business Meetings arranged in conjunction with Bois Energie.

The event runs from the 19th – 22nd March and as well as attending the industry sessions, we will also be displaying to the public with our French partners, BCV Thermique. It is the first event where we will be exhibiting with our new events module. The new events module is a 38 sq meter mobile display unit that is kitted out with all our latest products including the Ellis Cook Stove. The events module includes fully working stoves and even a fitted kitchen. As well as major industry events, the events module is available to all our partners throughout Ireland & United Kingdom as well as mainland Europe, it is perfect for open days, sale launches and other local fairs and shows. If you are interested in attending an event, please contact your Boru Stoves representative for further information.

If you would like to meet us and our partners, BCV Thermique, at the Salon Bois Energie 2015 in Nantes this week, please contact us to arrange a meeting. Or, you can find us on Terrasse P, stand Z55 at the event. Come along for a coffee and a chat and find out why Boru Stoves are one of the hottest products available on the market today.

The Boru Stoves Events Module

Stoves & Snow In January

Snowy LandscapeThe post Christmas blues can get to all of us in January. Here in Ireland we experienced a very mild month of December, in stark contrast to what some weather forecasters predicted. January is already shaping up to be much cooler, and the first widespread snow of the year turned the country into a winter wonderland.

The kids are absolutely loving it, as always, and the child in me loves waking up to a blanket of white snow covering the hills and trees. Unfortunately, the grown-up in me is less than ecstatic, the grown-up has to worry about getting to work on time, and keeping the house warm. Well, to be honest, with a Boru Stove, keeping the house warm is one less thing this grown-up has to worry about. I can remember the winter of 2009-10 when the temperatures were dipping to around -7 and -8 some nights. During this time the price of oil was climbing too, it was a cold and expensive winter that year.Traffic stuck in snow

I did learn a lesson though. I decided that I wouldn’t be so dependent upon oil, and I had to find a better way to heat my home, than my existing open fire and oil fueled radiators. The cost of fuel and the endless trips out into the freezing night air to refill the coal bucket was not sustainable. This is when I began to find out about stoves and the huge benefits that they have over open fires. At first, I really couldn’t believe that I had not heard more about the benefit of a stove sooner.

Eventually I decided to buy a multi-fuel boiler stove that could heat my living room, provide hot water and also heat radiators throughout the house. The great thing about this was, the fact that I could use the stove in combination with my existing oil fired boiler. The savings available to me quickly became apparent after speaking with my plumber. If I was lighting my stove to settle in for a cosy night beside the fire, I would not have to use my oil fired boiler, the fuel I was burning in my stove would heat the room, the hot water and the radiators throughout the rest of the house. If I was not going to light my stove, or if I was just in from work and didn’t have time to wait for the stove to heat up, I could use my oil fired boiler to get some quick heat into the house.

4kw Boru StoveIt made me a little sick to think of all the money I had been wasting on fuel in my open fire. All that heat had been going up the chimney, when it could have been heating the rest of the house!

If you want to know more about using a multi-fuel stove in combination with your existing oil fired boiler, you should contact your local plumber. Later in the year we will provide a more detailed explanation on this blog of combining pressurised heating systems with open vented systems. The savings to be made on annual fuel costs is tremendous.

If you want to beat the January blues by cutting your fuel bills and keeping nice and warm for the rest of the winter, contact your local Boru Stoves retailer. There are some great bargains to be picked up at this time of year, whether you are new to stoves or just want to upgrade your existing stove, Boru Stoves and our experienced retailer network will be happy to assist.

Progetto Fuoco 2014

Boru Stoves attended the Progetto Fuoco show on the 19th Februray 2014 in Verona, Italy. A lot of preparation went into the show as Boru Stoves liaised with companies in Italy to make sure that the stand was like any Boru Stove, 100% Quality.

An image of six people from boru stoves in italy

The Boru Stoves Team

The whole team was on hand to meet and greet different companies as they came to view our Irish Stoves. Needless to say we made sure that our stand did stand out from the rest. We had pictures of the mountains of Ireland, grass carpet to symbolise the green grass of home. This proved to be a success and attracted numerous people to the stand.

The show went on for five days straight and for those five days the Boru Stoves stand was never empty. Along with Enterprise Ireland, Boru Stoves enlisted translators from five different languages to ensure maximum customer service for anyone who visited the stand. Not only that, we translated our entire brochure into multiple European languages.

The International tour for Boru Stoves didn’t end there. Less than a week after this event, the Boru Stoves team flew to America for another trade show. Even after the American trade show, the guys were off to Moscow to introduce Irish made stoves to the Russians.

From a company that started in a small shed in 2008, to flying out to meet and greet customers from all over Europe, it goes to show that anything is possible if you believe.

About Boru Stoves

The idea for Boru Stoves came in November 2008 when the realisation hit that almost all stoves in Ireland were either imported from the Far East or Europe. Dermot Fitzgerald has always been passionate about the heating industry and knew that there was something in the idea of an Irish manufactured stove that could compete with any brand worldwide. The idea that he had was a small one but little did he realise just how big it would become. Boru started with one stove The Fiachra freestanding and marketed it from Malin Head to Mizen Head.

All the company had was an idea, a welder and a van. People said that he was mad, Ireland was faced with the largest economic crisis since the foundation of the state. Dermot did not listen to the negatives. He believed in his idea and the product so went ahead with the plan.

factory floor

A welder making another Irish Stove

In 2009 the first stove went into production and what a reaction it got. So much so that by the end of 2009 Boru Stoves had 3 products on the market with 10 people employed and 2500 square feet of factory. The target at the time was 500 stoves per year.

Fast forward to 2014 and Boru Stoves now employ up to 85 people and occupy over 60000 square feet and manufacture over 15000 units per year. Boru Stoves now have almost 30 different variations of their stoves and export to The USA, The UK, Greece, and mainland Europe. The future is warm, the future is Boru.
The main reasons for the success of Boru Stoves are the fact that:

  • – We offer a quality product at the right price.
  • – Parts are readily available.
  • – We offer stove efficiencies of up to 83%
  • – We have a dedicated customer department.
  • – We offer extended warranties of up to 6 years.
  • – We have a range of stoves to suit all decors.
  • – All products are 100% manufactured in Ireland.
  • – Remember by buying a Boru Stove you are not only getting a stove to the highest standard but you are supporting local industry and jobs as well.

Remember if you want a tour of the factory to find out more about Boru Stoves just call and make an appointment.

Check out our Facebook page for future updates and competitions or email us at a full list of what we have on our site please see our Boru Stoves Sitemap.

Boru Stoves, Quality without Compromise!