Heat Hero – Improving Your Solid Fuel Boiler

Heat Hero

Boru Stoves has recently become aware of a great new product that has come onto the home heating market. The Heat Hero is a great new device that increases the efficiency of solid fuel central heating systems. The Heat Hero has been independently tested by CISD, (Centre for Industrial Services & Design) and is proven to increase heat circulation by 48% compared to other heating systems.

Heat Hero Wins SEAI Award

SEAI Award
The Sustainable Energy Association of Ireland (SEAI) has awarded Heat Hero a Best Innovative Product at The Energy Show, Product of the Show Awards.

Heat Hero was short listed along with ten other products as a finalist for the Best Innovative Product. It was then subjected to a rigorous assessment process over three weeks by a panel of six highly qualified and experienced professionals.

The system can also be retro-fitted inexpensively to turn a poorly running heating system into a very efficient heating system. It is ideal for new installations and for integrating a solid fuel boiler/stove with an oil boiler.

Key Benefits:

  • The gravity flow and return is completely safe and open.
  • Both manifolds can be fitted anywhere on the gravity flow and return.
  • There is a flow injector directing the water out from the stove and into the radiators.
  • There is a return injector directing the water out from the radiators and into the stove.
  • There is a cylinder injector directing the flow around the cylinder keeping the cylinder coil hot.
  • The return manifold separates the cold radiator water from the hot gravity water in the cylinder coil.
  • Balancing valves are fitted on the radiator flow and the cylinder injector flow, which controls both the radiator and cylinder circulation when the pump is on.
  • Only one circulation pump is needed, (5m, 6m, 7m, 8m) head pump can be used depending on the amount of radiators and the size of the stove in the house.
  • It can be fitted to existing pipework.
  • It will heat all of the radiators evenly.
  • It will increase the life span of the grate and baffle plate in the stove.
  • There are no moving parts, so no maintenance is ever required.
  • There is full technical telephone back up available.

Some of the problems solved by the Heat Hero are:

  • All of the radiators not heating.
  • Not enough hot water.
  • The system not allowing the oil and solid fuel boiler to run together.
  • Banging noises coming from the boiler stove.
  • Burning too much fuel and not getting enough heat to the radiators.
  • Water pitching into the expansion tank in the attic.


These are just some of the problems that can arise with a solid fuel central heating system. By fitting the Heat Hero you are eliminating any potential problems and fitting the most efficient system available.

To find out more about how the Heat Hero works; visit www.heathero.ie, or email: info@heathero.ie.

Information in this blog is based upon details supplied by ‘Smart Innovation Products Ltd’ and Boru Stoves does not independently validate any performance claims.